Where can I find Del Real Foods’ nutritional information?
What type of beef do you use in your Shredded Beef and Beef Barbacoa?
Where does your pork come from?
Where does your beef come from?
Why is the sodium so low on your Salsa?
If the pouch is not airtight, is the product safe to consume?


Can you freeze the Del Real Foods tamales without losing any of the quality? How long do they last?
I threw away the container for two packages of Carnitas. How can I locate the “sell-by” date?
• I have left over Del Real Foods tamales in the refrigerator. Is it okay to eat them even though the package has been opened for a few days and it is before the sell-by date?
How long do the Tamales last if they are only refrigerated?
I froze the Del Real Foods product two days after the sell-by date. Is it still edible?
Can you freeze the Salsa?
Can the Tamales be frozen in the same package in which I purchased them?
Can I reheat the Del Real Foods products in the black containers after the product was previously heated in the same container?


What type of Cheese is used in your Tamales?
Is the corn used in the Tamales genetically modified?
Is the Masa from the Tamales uncooked when first taken out of the package? And if so, how long should it be heated in order to be fully cooked?


What is the fastest way to thaw out a frozen Del Real Foods product?
Can you refreeze a Del Real Foods product once it has been thawed out?
Can you heat up the Tamales in a crock pot on low heat for a couple of hours?
Can you heat up the Pollo Asado and Carnitas in the oven?
Can I heat up the Tamales in the oven?


I am gluten intolerant and recently purchased some of your Tamales which said that they were wheat gluten free. Is your machinery sanitized to prevent cross contamination with ingredients that may include wheat?
Your Chicken Tamales contain food starch. What type of starch is used?
Are all your products gluten-free including the cheese?
Do the Carnitas from Del Real Foods contain any soy lecithin, egg and/or nut products?
Is there any testing done in the Tamales which can assure the consumers the products are gluten free?
Do your Tamales contain any MSG?
What type of Lard is used in the meat Tamales?
What type of Enzymes do the Cheese and Green Chile Tamales contain?
What products are Keto Friendly?
What products are Vegetarian Friendly?


I would like to purchase your products; can you please help me locate a store in my area which carries your products?
Can I purchase your products online?


Why did we make the switch a sustainable tamale wrap?
Will the change affect the quality of our tamales?